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Vibing for More Inclusive UX with the Nerdy Diva

MProper Mimi

Happy Women’s History Month! I know you are loving our fellow sisters every month of the year! Everyday MProper Mimi celebrates Black Women being empowered in all walks of our lives at Home, Work and Play.

I’m was so excited for this MProper Mimi conversation…whenever I reconnect with someone from my days in Boston or the Black engineering space and I hear about what they are currently working on I'm so proud that I know that person. In this episode, I was blessed to sit down and chat with Shanae Chapman, Founder of Nerdy Diva. From working in big tech to founding a Black woman-owned business that helps tech start-ups grow Shanae is all about empowering women, investing in our businesses and identifying inclusive diversity for women in Tech.

Here is a snippet of our conversation:

You will definitely want to listen and share this full conversation as Mimi and Shanae talk about her love for UX design, encountering diverse women in Corporate Technology, how social innovation is integrated with Technology and Diversity, the importance of APIs in sharing information to our communities and so much more. The fact that Nerdy Diva also is involved with angel investing for underrepresented founders blew my mind!

And after you hear this MProper Mimi episode I'm sure you will agree that one month alone is not enough to recognize all the things that women do or are capable of! To learn more about Shanae and Nerdy Diva find a plethora of informative links below and be sure to sign up for the Nerdy Diva Newsletter.

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Memorable MProper Quote from our Episode:

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