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MProper Mimi is more than just a podcast; it's a powerful platform dedicated to amplifying the voices, stories, and journeys of women of color. Hosted by the ever energetic Mimi Jacks, this podcast delves into the real stories of success and challenges that women of color face, while also providing a safe place to uniquely be MProper!


Our mission is clear: to create a space where every woman's story matters and where we can inspire one another to lead our best lives. In each episode, Mimi engages in candid conversations that are sometimes MProper, but always authentic. We discuss the issues that matter, ask the tough questions, and spark important dialogues.

By donating to MProper Mimi, you're investing in:

  • Elevating the voices of women of color and sharing their powerful stories.

  • Enabling MProper Mimi to continue producing engaging, thought-provoking content.

  • Breaking down barriers and stereotypes that women of color often face.

Your contribution can make a significant impact:

  • $10 supports our ongoing podcast hosting and distribution.

  • $25 enables us to enhance the quality and reach of our content.

  • $50 fuels the creation of new episodes that inspire and educate.

  • $100 or more helps us to invest in special events for our fabulous listeners.


Join MProper Mimi in this MPortant journey of MPowerment. Let's celebrate the stories, challenges, and triumphs of women of color together. Ready to act up and make a difference? Click the link below to make a one time or recurring donation to MProper Mimi and be a part of our empowering community!

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission. Your generosity helps us continue these authentic conversations that help to empower women at Home, Work and Play.

With gratitude and MPowerment,

MProper Mimi

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