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Single mom, down for empowering women, entrepreneurship & all things Diversity and Inclusion Equality and Justice.
I've got questions!
Sometimes improper.
Let's Talk!


MProper Mimi is a bi-weekly podcast where host Mimi Jacks embraces speakers and listeners alike as she talks about empowering women at home, work and play. Women are not just one dimensional where everything we do relates to work, or the home we make for our families. We definitely need to make time for some self-care where we explore the fun in life and there is nothing improper about that! For some of us that means trying new things, becoming an entrepreneur or just being able to realize what our inner most desires truly are.


MProper Mimi wants to highlight the awesomeness of women of color. We don't need to bring the restraints and the filters from the world into this sister circle. MProper Mimi brings women from all stages of their lives together to chat in a safe environment about some of their achievements, failures, day to day routines and exotic experiences together. Topics on how to deal with stress, expressing ourselves through our bodies, financial planning, hair loss and pitfalls to avoid when starting your own business are just a few of the many conversations you will hear. 

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