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Hey Sis, Are You Okay?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

MProper Mimi

In this episode I am kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2022, by encouraging you to take time to reflect on your own personal mental health and growth. Mproper Mimi is sitting with Kimberly Moore of Black Woman Be Whole. Now, when I first meet this fabulous woman, I absolutely loved Kim’s energy and zest for life from the get go. I saw what she was doing with Black Woman Be Whole as an organization and podcast and a whole movement. I was super excited about the mental health workbook they were launching titled “Hey Sis, Are you Okay?” So I wanted to bring Kim Moore on the MProper Mimi podcast to share with you our listeners about some of the great things that she is doing to help empower women at home work and play.

Here are some of the topics we covered and the timestamp you will find them in the podcast.

The bolded items are gems you don't want to miss!

0:00 Welcome and Intros

2:02 Thinking about the increase in divorced women and their newly impending finances, Kim and Eunicia created a conference for Women to have the information she didn’t have.

3:00 Kim wanted to get into mental health issues with Black Women - that led to Black Women be Whole

6:55 We are the ones we have been waiting for

7:27 How has the pandemic impacted BWBW?

9:33 The kitchen table is the MVP; If you don’t have one, get you one!

14:16 People, labels and life events shape who you are

15:52 Explore those origins in a way that allow you to grow from it or learn

16:17 Not everyone’s story is about marathons or sprints - sometimes its stops and starts

17:45 Mimi keeps talking about setting boundaries

18:52 I want other women to know - you are more powerful than you know

19:15 If you don’t speak up right now …then you dictate to people how they can treat you

20:01 Why is it so important for women to take charge of their own healing?

24:16 We emulate what we see or we can break those things

25:30 I mend my cracks with gold lace

26:01 Don’t mind my shiny stretch marks

27:17 Empowering of young women

28:20 Did you always want to work with young women this way?

32:20 Girlfriend! I am not your therapist

37:19 Is it trauma bonding or is it healing?

39:18 The “Hey Sis, Are You OK?” workbook shares best practices in therapy that we want people to use

40:52 Closing

Watch this full episode on YouTube!

Host - Mimi Jacks

Produced by Cyren Young


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